What’s in our Camera Bag 2019?

Maybe the most asked question: What are you guys shooting with? So here’s what’s in our Camera Bag 2019.

Camera Gear


Starting off with the most import thing: The camera!

We are using the Sony alpha 6000 as our main camera.

Its super light, very easy to use and a solid overall camera in photography and video use. Another plus is the price.

This camera starts at 420€, so very very affordable. The only downside is, that this camera does not shoot in 4k and has a very poor battery life. So make sure you get some exra batteries.


Our new baby the wideangle sigma 16mm 1.4 is our run and gun lens which we use the most. Super charp and clean immages and because of the wide angle also a good lens for vloging.

For our close up shots we love our Sony 50mm 1.8.


GoPro Hero 6 Black:

The perfect choice for all action shots over and underwater, because the GoPro Hero 6 is waterproof.

Shooting in 4k this little thing is true beast. We use it in a combination with the Telesin Dome for 50/50 shots like this:

For smooth cinematics we mount the GoPro on to the FeiyuTech G5 Gimbal.

You can also use this combo for moving timelapse.



For all aerial shots we got our DJI Mavick Pro. 

Definitly needs a little bit of practice but once you mastered the technique the footage you get is just insane. The camera on the drone is very sensitive to light so make sure you get ND Filters for at least 3 different weather conditions. We’d suggest 8, 16 and 32.


We travel in two for most of the time so to actually produce couple pictures you dont get around a good tripod in combo with the self-timer function.



A few more things we cant live without and makes travelling so much easier.

  1. A good and solid Powerbank to fuel all the electornics, from the phone, the mac, the gopro to the camera batteries.
  2. Enough storage with the number one go to external hard drive 
  3. A small bag to store all the loose cables, batteries and all sorts of stuff you might want to organize.


Camera Bag:

Speaking of Bags: Everything we just mentioned gets carried around in our Evecase we got from amazon.

Its super cheap and has all the features you might look for.


Hope you enjoyed this post and if you did feel free to let us know 🙂






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