Travelling in times of Covid-19


2020, a year which brings with it events that we have never experienced before. COVID-19 or also known as Coronavirus will be voted for sure as the unword of the year 2020! In the past weeks and months you have learned how to deal with this exceptional situation in your everyday life, how to behave especially in public and how to protect yourselves and your fellow people. You all certainly had to make some concessions in your vacation planning, but now the borders are open again and you want to make up for what you missed this year. But how is travelling in times of Covid-19? We have answered the 7 most frequently asked questions in this blog post.


1) What are the entry requirements for Greece in connection with Covid-19? (for german citizens travelling by plane)

Regardless of where you want to go, check the entry regulations for the respective country online at the Foreign Office before your trip. From Germany you will need a QR code to enter the country, which you have to show at the airport. Here you have to answer questions about your health, contact Covid sufferers and information about previous trips (last 14 days). The QR code must be requested at least 72 hours before departure. The online form for traveling to Greece can be found here. Please note that entry requirements may change daily. So please keep yourself informed.


2) What precautions has the airport taken?

Basically, the airport is still relatively empty, as many people are still “afraid” of travelling. Distance precautions (1.5 m) have been taken in form of markings, general areas have been partially closed off and the capacity of the restaurants has been reduced.


3) Is it necessary to wear a mask during the flight?

Waering a mask is mandatory to enter the airport, the aircraft and a bustransfer. You have to wear it until you leave the destination airport. On the plane, the mask may be taken off when food is served. An air-permeable or disposable mask is therefore recommended, as you will have to wear it for a relatively long time.


4) What is the situation on site in restaurants and bars?

The staff must always wear masks. In general, as a guest you have to wear a mask until you sit at your table. Restaurants and bars may be open until 12 o’clock at the latest. However, it must be said that especially in Mykonos, there have been situations where we have seen bars where absolutely no one has kept their distance or worn a mask. We had to wiggle our way through the crowd through the narrow alleys. These places have to be avoided and it is your own responsibility how you act in these situations.


5) Do I have to make a corona test or go into 14-day quarantine when I return from my trip?

The test is voluntary unless you are from a risk area. Travellers from risk areas must do a corona test and be placed in 14-day quarantine.


6) How does the corona test work in general and what does it cost?

The test is free of charge for travellers arriving by air. You register online beforehand and go immediately to the respective corona test center at the airport. Depending on the time of the day, you can expect different waiting times. We got to it immediately and the test only took a few seconds. You will receive the result within 12 hours.
If you are not travelling, you can also do a paid test. You can find all information here.


7) Did you feel safe at all?

All in all, we can say that we felt very safe in Greece. It is always important how you behave yourself. Avoid large crowds. At best always wear a mask or at least when you think it is necessary, like in small alleys where it might get crowded. The danger of infection is everywhere, whether in Greece when travelling or at home in the supermarket. So take care of yourself and your fellow people, point out to others to wear a mask if you observe that someone does not follow the rules.

We hope we could answer all your questions in this context and wish you a lot of fun on your next trip. Tourism is now more important than ever, because the countries, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, etc. need our support to survive this crisis.

If you have further questions about travelling with Covid-19, please write them in the comments and we will answer them.

Cheers bayandsands.

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