TOP 5 Breakfast and Lunch Spots in Capetown

Cape Town, an incredible city and famous for its culinary diversity. We want to share our top 5 breakfast and lunch spots in Capetown with you in this blog post:

1. Scheckters’ Raw

Not only a fancy breakfast spot but also a lovely interior and the best vegan burger we’ve had so far. Worth to visit at any time!



2. Raw & Roxy

We found the vegan restaurant through the app “Happy Cow”, which we highly recommend for finding vegan & vegetarian restaurants. We were convinced of the dishes both optically and tastefully. Must-Try: Instead of a conventional coffee they serve a superfood drink called “Rocket-Fuel“. Its taste reminds of cocoa and contains many vitamins and minerals.



3. Jasons Bakery

Definitely not the healthiest option, but after a hike you can reward yourself at Jasons Bakery. Here you can get the best sandwiches, scrambled eggs and croissants in Capetown.


4. Mojo Market

The Mojo Market is located in the heart of Sea Point and is open 7 days a week. Numerous food stands tempt here from oysters and barbecue to delicious waffles. There is also a large selection of beers, as well as entertaining live music.



5. Oranjezicht Market

A cool place to hang out in the afternoon and eat your way through the numerous streetfood stalls or sip a few cool drinks until sunset. If you want to go shopping you will also find lots of shops with organic and local products. The Oranjezicht Market is located near the V&A Waterfront and is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. The Nightmarket on Wednesday between 4 pm to 8 pm (season: November – March) is highly recommended.


Hope you enjoyed our selection and bon appetit on your trip to Capetown.

Cheers, bayandsands

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