Top 3 Breakfast Spots In Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the coastal town and gourmet mecca of Greece. Where to find the best cafés and breakfast spots in Thessaloniki we will show you here!

Join Juice Bar

First stop at the Join Juice Bar. Freshly squeezed juices of all kinds and of course an avocado sandwich, what else? Cool spot, inside on comfortable couches as well as outside.



The Blue Cup

Whether filter coffee, V60 or espresso. The best coffee is to be found in the Blue Cup and furthermore outstanding sandwiches.





Ergon Agora

Market atmosphere at ERGON Αγορά. There’s really something for every food lover here. They serve very nice breakfast and after having food you can stroll through the hallway and buy the local products. Getting a pack of coffee here is also a nice souvenir idea.





Have fun feasting in Thessaloniki and write us a comment recommending other nice food places in Thessaloniki,


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