TOP 10 Places to visit in Mykonos

Mykonos is probably the most popular island in Greece. In this post we show you the most beautiful corners of the island, the coolest beach clubs and the most breathtaking places for watching sunsets. 

Mykonos Old Town Spots

Mykonos Old Town 

The Old Town of Mykonos is incredibly beautiful and surprisingly clean. The city is mostly painted white, which has the effect that the sun reflects on the white color and therefore the city does not heat up as much during the hot summer months. 

Take a day and just stroll through the cute, little streets through the Old Town. You will discover many great places in the Old Town and especially for the people below us the Old Town is a real photo paradise. For a little sweet snack in between we recommend the best ice cream in town at Kayaks! 




Little Venice

Little Venice reminds of Venice in Italy, hence the name. Here you can stroll through the city, have a lunch snack or dine in the evening. Attention: From time to time, the village warden comes by. Mr. Pelikan is definitely the superstar in Little Venice.


Nikos Taverna

We have already introduced Nikos Taverna in our blogpost “Greek Islands – Two Weeks Itinerary”. It is located in the middle of the Old Town of Mykonos and there is no way around it. The seafood pasta and mussels are definitely worth trying. Even though Nikos is sometimes quite busy due to the high number of tables, we are impressed by the location and the food.

Beach clubs

Scorpios Beach Club

The Scorpios Beach Club is probably one of the most famous beach clubs in the world. Not for nothing you can meet superstars like Dan Balzarian or David Guetta here. The location is simply unique, divided into several areas like Beach, Sunset Beach and Restaurant. If you want to party here you have to book weeks in advance. You just have to experience Scorpios and especially for influencers it is a real photo hotspot.

But you have to know it is not the cheapest place to go. €€€€

Principote Beach Club

The Principote Beach Club is also very popular. You will meet a lot of high-society people here. The location is made super cool in bohemian style, so every corner is instagramable. A subbed is about 50,00 €/person/day + food and drinks extra charge! If you want to party after sunbathing, this is the place to be!



Alemagou Beach Club

If you want to take it easy and save your wallet, go to the Alemagou Beach Club. It is located on the other side of the island. A subbed is about 25,00 €/person/day, the food and service are top, it was relatively quiet and not so crowded compared to the other beach clubs. From the relax factor we liked the Alemagou Beach the most.


180 Sunset Bar 

The 180 Sunset Bar is our absolute TOP recommendation. The bar is located in the heart of Mykonos, near the port and as the name suggests, you have a 180 degree view over the old town! To experience the sunset here in the first row is unique. The atmosphere and music, along with the great cuisine and service, make the evening unique and unforgettable. We really enjoyed it! 

Tip: Don’t forget to book (best a few days in advance), because the Sunset Bar is always fully booked and requires a certain minimum consumption.



Armenistis Lighthouse

Amenistis Lighthouse is located in the northwest of the island about 6.5 km from the Old Town Mykonos. It was built in 1861 and represents the rich maritime history of the island and is still fully functional today.* If you are looking for a unique sunset spot, you should come here, preferably one hour before sunset. Find a comfortable spot and bring a bottle of wine to enjoy the sunset to the fullest.




Tavern Petran

The Taverna Petran is a good place to go immediately after sunset at the Armenistis Lighthouse, because otherwise you are less likely to be in the corner of the island. Greek cuisine and fresh fish, super delicious great ambience and service. Our absolute favorite taverna on Mykonos!


Bonis Windmill

Mykonos is overlooked by small, sweet windmills. The Bonis Windmill is probably still a relatively unknown photo spot, but still very popular for Instagrammers. Here you can enjoy the sunset with a few people and take some pictures. The Bonis Windmill is still located directly in the opposite of a parking lot, so you can park your car there for 10,00 Euro and go for dinner in the Old Town immediately after sunset.


We hope that this blog post will give you a good overview of the hotspots in Mykonos and wish you lots of fun on your trip! If you have any cool tips for Mykonos, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Cheers, bayandsands

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