Top 10 Instagram Spots in Porto incl. Map

Nowhere else have we found so many Instagram Spots as in Porto. Find our 10 favorite ones together with some hidden gems here.

Find it on the map:

1. Kitties Rock

Named after the many small cats that live here in small huts. From the upper rock you have a breathtaking view of the Ponte Dom Luís, especially at sunset.

CAUTION: This spot is not easy to reach. Put on solid shoes and be very careful. If you don’t dare to go all the way to the top, you can also take great pictures further down. (find the exact location on the map)


2. Capela do senhor da pedra

About 20 minutes outside the city is this beautiful chapel right on the beach. So if you have planned a day at the beach anyway, you can connect this spot perfectly.


3. Pergola da Foz do Douro

Finally a spot where you can take some pictures in peace. The section with the yellow columns is quite long, so the tourists are very well distributed though this place isn’t crowded anyway. Furthermore you can visit the lighthouse only a few minutes walk from there, also a very nice photo spot or just enjoy how the sun goes down.


4. Passeio the Fontainhas

Still a small hidden Gem but from this street you have the most beautiful view to the Ponte Dom Luís and the Douro river flowing below.


5. Igreja Do Carmo

Probably the most famous facade of Portugal and therefore also a very popular spot. The best time to take the photos is in the morning, as the facade is in the shade in the afternoon.


6. Palacio de cristal

If you walk a little downhill on the grounds of the Palazzo de Cristal, you reach a bombastic view point with a view to the Atlantic Ocean and the setting sun. To the left of it, there is a passage from which one can shoot this photo.


7. Lago da Pena Ventosa

A small alley below the Terreiro da Sé with many colourful houses.


8. Travessa de candido dos reis

A beautiful motif whether from far away or as a close-up.


9. Steak’n Shake

Also one of the most famous facades in Porto and incredibly beautifully decorated. Can you believe this is a steak restaurant?


10. Terreiro da Sé

To get inside, you have to pay an 3,00 € entrance fee. Beside the Instagram Spot in the inner courtyard there’s a great view over the city from the terrace.


Tag us in your pictures if you tried one of these and let us know which one is your favorite 🙂


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