The 8 Best Instagramspots in Marrakech

Get inspired by our beautiful pictures of Marrakech and where we took them in this post!First things first. Instagramspots can be found all over Marrakech. All you have to do is walk around town with your eyes open. Each building and its architecture speaks for itself. At every corner you will find beautiful doors with decorations or mosaic columns and in the souks beautiful stands, which can be perfectly photographed.

La Mamounia

If you really want to have an instagram day lasting several hours, then visit La Mamounia. La Mamounia is so luxurious that you won’t get out of amazement. Beautiful gardens, chill-out corners, a spa area and much more! Officially no visitors are allowed there, but unofficially you can get in with a smile and a little tip. Here really all pictures are created, which you might have seen on the accounts of the biggest influencers worldwide. There are other 5-star riads and hotels that you can visit to take photos such as the Riad Les Yeux Bleus, the El Fenn or the Riad les Oranges d’Alilia.




The perfect riad – Dar Jaguar

When we decided to fly to Marrakech, it was immediately clear that we needed a typical accommodation for the country, a so-called riad. Riads, which means garden, are traditional Moroccan houses with several rooms, usually spread over 2 to 3 floors. The heart and largest light source are the upwardly opened inner courtyards, which often also have smaller fountains and pool facilities. Furthermore, most riads have beautiful roof terraces covered with flowers. Simply magical and the perfect instagram spot!



Marrakech consists of small alleys and streets and is a kind of huge bazaar. Stands are lined up one after the other, most of them have the same stuff on offer. The further you walk in, the more beautiful shops you will find that appeal to you. This beautiful picture was taken in the souks…


Medersa Ben Youssef and the adjacent artists’ quarter

The Medersa Ben Youssef is a Koranic school in the middle of the Médina (downtown Marrakech). Unfortunately it is closed for two years due to restoration work, so that we had no access there. However, there is still an adjacent museum, which is also very worth seeing. By chance we came to an artists’ quarter on the way from Medersa Ben Youssef to Le Jardin Secret. There were beautiful paintings, stands of a different kind, exhibitions and art dealers in inner courtyards to discover. Simply beautiful and a little more relaxed than in the bustle of the “main souks”.



Le Jardin Secret

In the same corner as the medersa Ben Youssef you will also find Le Jardin Secret. Despite the fact that the garden is in the middle of the Médina, it is super quiet there. The garden captivates by its beautiful architecture and the affectionately arranged plant with a mix of lavender, grasses and cacti. You also have the possibility to climb to the observation deck of the tower, from where you have a great 360 degree view over the whole city. We were really lucky that day and could even see the Atlas Mountains with its snow-covered peaks from there – really breathtaking.

The garden is definitely worth a visit! The combined ticket, i.e. garden + viewing platform, cost approx. 8.00 € per person.

If you want to know more about the history of the garden please click here.



Jardin Majorelle

We would not personally recommend the Jardin Majorelle unless you are there very early in the morning. The garden is super crowded, so it will be hard to take a perfect photo. Also the colours and the layout did not convince us, nevertheless this photo was taken here.



What exactly the restaurant “Nomad” is you can read in our blog post The 5 best restaurants in Marrakech. One thing is certain, the Nomad is THE photo spot par excellence. You have a view over the whole city, good food and can watch a beautiful sunset. Since it was already dark, we couldn’t take a picture here, but you can surely get some impressions on Instagram or Pinterest.


The Atay Café

Our personal favourite café in Marrakech. If you are looking for something special, just check it out and sit right up on the terrace. You will not be disappointed.

Leave a comment if you find this Blog helpfull and tell us which places others shoulf definitely visit.

Cheers, Bidjan & Yasmin

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