The 5 Best Foodplaces in Marrakech

For which culinary specialities Marrakech is known and which restaurants & Cafés we can recommend, we tell you in this post!

Tajine is a typical Moroccan dish. This is available as a vegetarian variant, as well as with lamb or chicken. Together with all kinds of vegetables, this food is prepared in a pointed clay dish in the oven. Similar to a pressure cooker, the food becomes super tender and juicy. Mega yummy. Besides tajine, Morocco also eats many dishes with couscous and pasta with sesame seeds.

Where do we pick out our restaurants first? Check out Tripadvisor or other travel and food blogs, ask your friends or simply use the Foodguideapp.

Most cafes and restaurants have cute roof terraces where you can escape the hustle and bustle and relax with a lemon mint soda. Free w-lan is usually also available here. But pictures speak a thousand words. Therefore we show you below some food impressions and link to the restaurants and cafés where we dined and drank.

Atay Café

Our absolute favourite café was definitely the Atay Café in the middle of the artists’ quarter of Marrakech. The food, the atmosphere, the terrace, the murals, everything was just right!

Djeema El-Fna

Where we had our tastiest meal? In fact, on El-Fna Square. We both tried to avoid the place, because there is already a lot of hustle and bustle. In the evening, however, there were a lot of market stalls and you could enjoy super tasty street food at fair prices. We deliberately looked for tables where only the locals had lunch. Eggplant puree, fried fish, tomato salad and French fries were already available for 5,00 €!


The Nomad is a typical tourist spot in the middle of the Médina Marrakechs, nevertheless worth seeing! There you will find high quality food at European prices. On the roof terrace you have a wonderful view over the whole city and can watch the starry sky at night. In the evening hours they listened in confusion to the prayer cries of the surrounding mosques. Besides the great food, this really had a cool side effect.

Café Kif Kif

Here you have a wonderful view towards the place of prayer. Despite the main street, market roar and everything else that happens around you, you can still enjoy the delicious food.

Café of the Èpices

We actually discovered the café on our first evening. Here we can definitely recommend the main course of the Moroccans, a delicious tajine.

No matter where we went to eat, it was super tasty everywhere.

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Let us know where you want to eat when you’re in Marrakech,

Cheers, Bidjan and Yasmin

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