Namibia Packing List – 10 Things You Need


Alright let’s get ready for Namibia. 10 things you should definitely take with you on your trip:

1. Functional Clothes

Please don’t make the same mistake as me and take only light clothes with you, assuming that it must be hot in Africa. As soon as the sun goes down it gets pretty cold. The best thing to do before your trip is to take a look at the climate table and pack functional clothes like the ones here:

2. Sim Cards Swap

If you want to get low-cost data volumes in Namibia, I recommend to buy a SIM card at the airport from mtc. Apple users should therefore remember to use the needle to open the iphone compartment when exchanging cards.

3. Power Adapter

Recommended are types M and D where I have only used M during the two weeks. But better safe than sorry:

4. Mosquito Spray For Skin + Clothes

The north of Namibia belongs to the Malaria area including the Etosha pan and the best prevention against it is not to be stung at all. I had the best experience with Nobite for skin and clothes and didn’t get a single sting within the two weeks.

Also make sure that you keep your tent closed at all times so that the insects leave you alone at night. The beds in the lodges usually have mosquito nets. If you still want to be on the safe side, here is a travel mosquito net that you can attach to the ceiling with duct tape.

5. Spyglass

Most animals in Namibia are very shy and can therefore often only be observed from a distance. Whether on guided game drives or in your own car. You’ll need a good spyglass. Since I didn’t want to spend a fortune right away, I ordered this one here and was very satisfied:

6. Solid Footwear

If you don’t want to take any painful memories from your Namibia holiday with you, you should pack solid Footwear. Not only thorns can hurt on hikes but also domestic and partly poisonous scorpions and snakes lurking under stones. Not exactly fancy but ankle-high and bite safe:

7. Confirmation Of Health Insurance (English)

You should have it with you on every trip abroad, not only in Namibia.

8. Pocket Torch

The paths in the camps and lodges are usually only sparsely lit after sunset. Better if you see where you’re going and always have one of these with you:

9. Traveling Wash Gel

It’s better to carry less luggage around and wash it once on the way. Remember to then think of a small string to hang up.

10. International Driving Licence

Who is on the way with the car must show a valid international driving licence to be allowed to drive in Namibia. This is usually applied for free at your local driving licence office (attention: can take up to 6 weeks).


Let me know if this helped you out in the comments down below with a 🐘. Also get inspired by the 14-day Roadtrip and see our complete itinerary.

Cheers, B


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    Ein sehr gelungener Post! Weiter so!

    • Yasmin Hilsky
      3. February 2019 / 18:04

      Vielen herzlichen Dank! Hoffe du bist jetzt für deine Reise gut gewappnet. Liebe Grüße, Bidjan

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