Italy by car – What you need to know

Discover Italy’s fantastic landscape by car – How romantic. But watch out. If you don’t want to burden your holiday budget unnecessarily, you should pay attention to some things on the roads. Here is a short guide for you.

The first commandment is:

Keep to speed limits!

The saying could also come from your mum, but in Italy you should just stick to it. It’s simply not worth it to drive fast. Fines with a speed overrun of up to 20 km/h begin from 150 €. From 41 km/h it goes up to 1.376 €.

Here a small overview how fast you may drive:

Cities: 50 km/h
Country road: 90 km/h
Highway: 110 km/h
Motorway: 130 km/h

Especially in holiday periods, there is a lot of traffic and speed controls. By the way, driving backwards at the toll station is punishable from 340 € – it’s better to sort it correctly right away and always have small change and debitcard close at hand.

An overview of the fines can be found here.


Parking on the street

Yes, parking, especially in the big cities, is such a thing. First a little explanation of the different ground markings:

white = free
blue = payable (mostly via App Easypark)
yellow = no parking
yellow-black = absolute parking ban (heavy fines)

If you still get a ticket, you should pay for it right away. It is best to pay right away in a Tabacchi shop (with the big white T) or at the nearest post office. There is also a discount for fast payers.


Parking in “car park”

Those who cannot find a place on the street or want to park the car safely for a longer time have to go to a public parking garage. In Italy, however, one usually does not put the car in by oneself, but it is parked by an employee after one has handed over the car key. But don’t expect a classic parking garage as you know it from home. As a rule, the multi-storey car parks are rather to be understood as parking garages in which several cars are parked one behind the other and then have to be shunted as soon as a car wants to drive out. So you’ll be asked from the start about your parking time, so employees know how it makes most sense to park the cars.

Here are a few tips:

  • Research reviews of car parks on the Internet.
  • Plan the time when you need the vehicle again. The cars will be parked in a certain order.
  • Taking valuables and luggage out of the car.
  • Before with a protocol the condition of the vehicle record. Of course you can also do it by video.
  • The same applies if you pick up the vehicle.


Means of Transportation in big cities

You better park your own car as described above. The inner-city traffic is incredibly turbulent and it is not uncommon for damage to occur.

You can get classic tickets for public transport and explore the cities by bus or train. However, we have had the best experiences with Car2Go. You are with the small Smarts at every corner simply incredibly fast on the way and fits into every parking space. Perfect if you want to explore as much as possible in a short time.

In good weather, it is always worth renting a bike or simply going by foot.

Wishing you a safe trip and enjoy your holiday in Italy.

Bidjan & Yasmin


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