I fell in love with Lisbon – 8 Things to see

Part 1 of our chaotic journey starts in Lisbon – 8 things you should definitely have a look at.

For Lisbon we took 3 out of 8 days of our roadtrip along the Algarve and you should really do that because Lisbon has a lot to offer. Apart from our beautiful accommodation and the culinary delights we were able to enjoy there, Lisbon has beautiful corners that I would like to share with you.

And even though this won’t be a food blog post – don’t worry, there will be one too – I just have to start with my personal highlight:


The Timeout Market – my culinary highlight

If you think it’s an ordinary, stuffy, noisy and dark market hall. NO! The Timeout Market is the most modern and beautiful market hall I’ve ever seen. Industrial Style, cool copper lamps dangling from the ceiling, full of life and the most important thing: The best food ever! There is a whole hallway full with fresh seafood, enjoy delicious wine, eat burgers or also enjoy traditional portuguese food. We liked it so much that we ate there for 2 days in a row. How cool’s that?

By the way… How do you like this amazing photospot behind the Timeout Market?


The Alfama district

If you can’t decide where to book your accommodation in Lisbon, do it in Alfama! From there you can reach everything by foot. Get lost in the alleys, run up stairs, left and right. You’ll find cool wall paintings, cute little restaurants in Fado and super nice photo spots, I promise.

In Alfama there is also the Miradouro da Graca, from where you can admire the most beautiful sunset all over Lisbon. A good alternative is a hike to the famous St. Jorge vantage point right next door. At the Miradouro da Graca you can have a relaxed beer without a lot of hustle and bustle.


Torre de Belem

The photo invites you to dream, but there is usually a lot going on here. My personal tip: Go a few meters away from the main entrance and walk behind the building. You will come to a much more nicer view, which is not so crowded with people.

Around the Torre de Belem is a lot more to see: Book a for boat trip for approx. 12€ to other places around, go to the market hall at the opposite of the street or have a coffee in the next coffee shop.

From the Torre de Belem you can also get to Ponte 25 de Abril, the bridge that truly reminds me of San Francisco. On the other side you get to the landmark Cristo Rei.


Park Bar in Bairro Alto

Here’s a recommendation for those of you who like to go out in the afternoon: Go and visit the Park Bar in Bairro Alto. A really cool rooftop bar with good drinks and an amazing view all over Lisbon.. Delicious mojitos, relaxed atmosphere, lovely people and cool music!

In Bairro Alto you also have plenty of other restaurants and bars to move on to in the night.


Tram 28

Of course, you know them all, the cute yellow trams of Lisbon. I have to say in advance that I wouldn’t squeeze between 100 people just to experience a ride. It is simply not worth it. But if you don’t want to miss it and want to drive over hills and small alleys, I recommend you to get in at the end stations. So you can be sure that you will still get a seat. We got in at the Premerico dos Prazo – the cemetery, which is also very worth seeing. Even if the Uber driver asked us twice: “Girls, are you sure that you want to go to the cemetary?” and “Girls, be careful!”. I don’t want to know what he thought of us… A one-way ticket through Lisbon costs about 2.60 € for the 40-minute ride from start to the end. We finally got off a little earlier in Alfama “Portas do Sol”, walked a bit and found this beautiful spot on the way.















For a cult photo with a tram you could also use the safe way and visit the permanently installed tram around the corner of the Park Bar in Bairro Alto. So at least you don’t risk your life like we did when we were almost run over by a travelling tram. Fortunately nothing happened… Oops!


The Pink Street – Rua Nova do Carvalho

During the day rather inconspicuous the Pink Street develops its special charme by night. Pink Street used to be known for prostitution and poverty, today it is one of the hottest spots in Lisbon.

The Baixa

If you feel like shopping, you can get lost in the Baixa for hours. In addition to the numerous shops, you will also find the Praça do Comércio – the “Place of Trade” and the famous elevator “Elevador de Santa Justa”.


If you have one more day to stay, plan a day trip to Sintra and visit the colourful Palácio Nacional da Pena castle. From Lisbon Central Station you can take the train to Sintra and don’t have to look for a parking space. You can then go up the mountain by bus or taxi.

Note the following:

The earlier you get there, the better, as the castle is usually completely overrun with tourists.

There are several sights on the grounds that you have to pay for individually. Inform yourselves on the sintra website about the things you really want to see.

So guys, that’s it for now. If I had to describe it in words, then I can only say: Lisbon is a MUST-SEE on a bucket list, good food, nice people, beautiful sunsets, pastel tones, artistic rows of houses, hilly and full of life! I FELL IN LOVE!

More about my personal highlights in the next part of the Portugal series and feel free to leave a comment down below, if you like it or have any questions and recommendations.

Take care & enjoy

Y – Bayandsands


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