Greek Islands – Two Weeks Itinerary

Turquoise water, fantastic sunsets and the world’s best seafood only a few hours away from Europe. Welcome to the Greek islands Mykonos, Milos & Santorini! Our itinerary for 2 weeks & general tips can be found here.

Best travel time:

The best time to visit Greece is June – September. The average temperature is about 28 degrees. Outside of the travel season the Cyclades can get very windy and cold.


Mykonos – 4 nights

Milos – 7 nights

Santorini – 4 nights


Mykonos (4 nights) 

Let’s start with Mykonos. The island has excellent flight connections from Germany or Europe and therefore makes an ideal starting point for your journey. 

The vibe is similar to Ibiza and is especially known for its summer parties. Moreover, it is simply a beautiful island that also has a lot to offer for families and couples.


Mykonos is quite small and you can get from one end to the other within 40 minutes. Which brings us to our first tip: rent a car. 

On the island only a few cabs exist and if you don’t want to spend the whole time in a hotel, it is definitely recommended to get a rental car. For 7 days we only paid 230 € incl. gas.

Apart from that Mykonos is quite expensive but offers some of the best beach clubs in the world like Scorpios, Principote or sunset locations like the 180 Sunset Bar. 



















Price overview (low – lux): 

Meal for 2: 50 – 200 € +

Hotel: 70 – 500 € +

Sundbed: 10 – 50 € p.p. 

Accommodation: The best place to stay is on the west coast above or below the old town.

Gourmet tip: Be sure to stop by at Nikos Taverna right in the city center. Authentic, Greek cuisine with reasonable prices and a nice seating area. Generally make sure that prices are on the menu to avoid scams.


Milos (7 nights)

Return the car and continue with the Seajet ferry from the port of Mykonos to Milos – Our absolute highlight of the trip! Make sure to plan enough time here!

A small sleepy island that has been spared from the hustle and bustle of the other Cyclades until now and therefore still makes a very original impression, which we really like. And I mean please look at these beaches: 

Again we recommend to rent a car to explore the island, which is with 170 € incl. fuel even cheaper than on Mykonos.  Matha Rent a Car was super convenient for us.

Price overview (low – lux): 

Ferry Mykonos – Milos: 16 – 70 € p.p.

Meal for 2:    20 – 100 € +

Hotel:    50 – 200 € +

Sunbed:    5 – 15 € p.p.

Accommodation: On Milos you will find lots of first class Airbnbs, which are part of small fishing village communities, directly located by the sea. From our accommodation on the north coast of the island we were able to reach everything easily and quickly.

Gourmet tip: Visit the Avli-Milos and try the shrimps saganaki! Simply delicious!

Milos was pure relaxation for us. Amazing food, turquoise blue beaches and spectacular sunsets every evening like at Plaka Castle. 


Definitely make a trip to Kleftiko Beach, which can only be accessed by boat. It’ll be one of the highlights of your trip!


Santorini (4 nights)

Continuing with the ferry to the last stop of our journey: Santorini. 

Our Seajet ferry, which normally would have taken 2 hours from Milos to Santorini, was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. So make sure to check the weather forecast the evening before and get informed about alternative ferries. 

Most of the hotels offer a shuttle service from the port, but there are also buses to Oía or Fíra. 

Santorini or also called Thíra offers an incredible crater landscape, which was formed by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century with a height of up to 560m. In the city of Oía you will find one of the world’s best hotels with unique cave architecture and a spectacular view of the crater (caldera), which of course includes respective prices.

Generally the island is not for the small budget. 

Price overview (low – lux): 

Ferry Milos – Santorini: 16 (5h) – 50 € (2h) p.p. 

Meal for 2:    20 – 300 € +

Hotel:    75 – 500 € +

Sunbed:    10 – 25 € p.p.

Gourmet tip: In Oía you will find a lot of fine dining options like the NAOS restaurant, but if you are looking for something local, cheap and still extremely tasty, check out PitoGyros.

Accommodation: In Oía you are right in the middle of it all and will find world class hotels and airbnb like Kensho Cave Suites. There are several options in Fíra or Imerovigli, even further south on the island, where you can find cheaper alternatives.

Due to the volcanic rocks there are no white sandy beaches here, but black and red beaches instead. 

As a family we recommend a car. We as a couple spontaneously rented an ATV for 35 €/per day incl. fuel. Highly recommended for the extra action experience! The island can be explored quickly and also the photo spots can be done within 2 days so 2-4 nights are absolutely sufficient. 

From Santorin you also have excellent flight connections via Athens back home. 


The Greek Island tour was one of the best vacations for us and we will definitely explore more the other islands in the future. 

In the next posts we will go into more detail about the three islands and what you can experience here. Feel free to drop us a message, if you have any questions! 



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