FAQs and General Tips For Costa Rica

The route is fixed, flights are booked so now we’ll hook you up with some FAQs and general tips for Costa Rica.

1) Do I need a passport?

Yes, but it only needs to be valid on the day of arrival and thereafter. However, a minimum validity of 6 months is recommended.

2) Do I need to apply for a visa to travel to Costa Rica?

For most nationalities you don’t, but make sure to check yours here. Tourist Visas are valid for up to 90 days.

If you booked a flight via USA or Canada keep in mind that you will need a valid ETA (Canada) or ESTA (USA) for your stay there, even if you only change gates and do not leave the airport. You can easily apply for this online and it costs about 20,00 €.

Note: For flight bookings via the USA you should allow 3-4 hours transfer time, as you will have to check in again. In case of Canada, we were told the same, but 1-2 hours is sufficient, as you are only moving within the security zone.

3) Do I need an international driving license?

Yes, you can apply for it directly at your vehicle registration office with a valid biometric photo.  The license will be valid for three years. However, the car rental company only wanted to see our German driver’s license on site, so it’s recommendable to take it with you as well.

4) Do I have to get vaccinated?

If you travel directly from Europe there are no compulsory vaccinations that are necessary. However, the standard vaccinations are recommended. In general, you should always have your emergency vaccination pass with you.

5) What currency has Costa Rica and do I need a credit card?

In Costa Rica, the currency is in Colones but you can also pay in Dollars.

1 € = 600 Colones.

Credit Card is recommended and ATMs are available all over the country, especially in bigger cities.


General Tips


Keep in mind that you need a power adapter for Costa Rica. In Costa Rica the sockets type A and B are used. The mains voltage is 120 V at a frequency of 60 Hz.

Mobile Internet

Also very helpful is a mobile kit to exchange your SIM card, because data roaming can quickly become very expensive. You can buy cards directly at the airport. There will be a separate blog post about SIM cards in Costa Rica, where you find detailed information about this topic.


So guys, we hope the tips were helpful and you’re ready for your upcoming trip. If you have any questions, please let us know.

More Costa Rica Blogposts soon to come.



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