Disneyland Paris Planning Guide

At Disneyland Paris with Mickey & co. reviving old childhood memories. Which ticket we chose, where we stayed and some general tips to make your stay unforgettable can be found in this blogpost.

When’s the best time for a visit?

Those of you who have no children should use their flexibility and not necessarily book in the holiday season. The park is otherwise easily overcrowded and you’re waiting for hours at the attractions for sure. Weekends should also be avoided if possible, not least because of the higher prices of the tickets.


Is one day enough for both parks?

Yes, it’s possible if you’re not going on a weekend or holiday season. We arrived the day before and could thus use the whole following day from the opening at 10:00 am, up to the evening fireworks at 8:00 pm. The longest waiting time was about 40 minutes.

In holiday periods we would definitely recommend a stay of two days.


Which ticket to book?

Mini, Magic or Supermagic – which one?

The only difference between the tickets is when they can be used. The cheapest ticket “Mini” (68,00 €) is usually only valid during the week or on days when there is not much going on anyway. So just have a look on the Disneyland homepage at which days you were planning to visit. Within the order process you will find a calendar overview with the respective availabilities.

You also have to decide, if you want to visit only Disneyland Park or also Walt Disney Studios Park. To anticipate this, make sure you book both!



Disneyland Park is the bigger one and already covers a wide range of themes such as Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Starwars, Indiana Jones and many seasonal highlights.



In the centre is the famous Disney Castle, which is illuminated with gigantic fireworks every evening. The Lumination – this is how the legendary light show is called there – was the absolute highlight of the day for us. Don’t miss it!

The Walt Disney Studios Park offers more modern attractions like the 4D Experience Ratatouille, finding Nemo and many interesting “behind the magic” stations.


Where to stay?

You have the possibility to stay directly at Disneyland in one of the theme hotels, which is quite expensive. The visitors of the theme hotel have the advantage to get exclusive access to the park one hour before the official opening.

We booked a small Airbnb in the neighbouring village Val d’Europe – near the train station – for 80,00 € per night (2 pers.). From here you can comfortably take the train to Disneyland and be there in a few minutes – absolutely recommendable.


A few general tips:

The Disneyland App: Here you will find a clear map of the individual attractions as well as the current waiting times.

The Fast Pass: At the bigger rides there are “Fast-Pass” counters, which save you a lot of waiting time. The principle is simple. You go with your Disneyland ticket to the Fastpass counter and book a ticket (free of charge). On the ticket is then the time noted, at which you should return to the Fastpass queue without waiting time. This has the advantage that you can look at other things in the park in the meantime. The next fast pass can only be used again one hour after the previous one has been redeemed. If the ticket says 1:00 pm, you can book it again at 2:00 pm.

Children: Children under 1,20 m height are not allowed to ride most of the roller coasters.

Catering: The restaurants in the park are really expensive and do not really offer nice food. Especially, if you like to save some money, our recommendation is to take care of the catering yourselves.


Planning to go to Disneyland Paris soon? Click here for more information.

All in all, Disneyland was incredibly exciting for us and is definitely something for anyone who can identify with Disney in any way or just wants to have a good time.

Let us know if you have any more questions before starting your trip.



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