Corcovado National Park – Costa Rica Roadtrip 3/3

The last stop of our 14-day trip and at the same time our highlight – the Corcovado National Park. Here’s why you should not miss it on your trip.

The national park is located at the southern end of Costa Rica and with 41.788 hectares is one of the best preserved rainforests. If you are looking for lonely beaches and an intact nature with numerous different wild animals like the tapir or the Margay as well as a lot of bird and reptile species, this is the right place for you.

In order to get here, you absolutely need a 4×4 car, as you partly have to drive through smaller rivers.

A real adventure. The journey from Uvita takes about 4 hours.


Where to stay:

Puerto Jimenez is the starting point for guided tours through the park. Here you will find petrol stations, supermarkets and a lot of cheap hotels. Those who like it a little more remote can drive a little bit further along Route 245, following the coastline.

At the lower southern end of the park, there are many lodges. We decided for the

Finca Exotica Eco Lodge

The property was bought 17 years ago by a German architect, built and sustainably integrated into nature. In addition to slightly cheaper tents, you can also rent your own cabins here.

The design is very much natural. Except for lighting you will have no electricity or internet. But isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for on holiday? Being able to switch off completely. To think of other things and unplug completely? Reading that book that you have been dragging around with you for months. To see the sunrise in the morning at yoga and to listen to nature? If you get committed to it and put your comfort standards back, you get exactly that and even more.

In the main house you can eat at a large table. While the kitchen prepares great food from fruit and vegetables from its own garden, you can exchange stories with other guests at the table and enjoy the starry sky with a few cocktails and music in the evening.


What to do:

Relaxation: The place is just perfect to come down. Whether yoga, singing bowl meditation, massages or guided tours through the garden.

Wildlife: There are more than 500 different tree species in the park, about 140 mammals, 370 bird species and 120 reptile and amphibian species. 1-3 day tours can be booked in almost any accommodation. The “Golfo Dulce” is also a place to go for whales and dolphins. Respective boat tours are also offered.

Surfing: The “Pan Dulce Beach” with its shallow and long waves is especially suitable for beginners, who want to try surfing For one exercise you pay 55$.


We hope you now have a good overview and are ready to plan your own trip to Costa Rica.

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  1. Natalie
    9. November 2019 / 20:52

    hi! thank tout for your tops on Costa Rica!

    I am planning to go un décembre and i am looking for a place off thé beattan path do star for 5 days on my on. Walt to do yoga médiation. Finca exotica looks amazing! Did you Try the yoga classes! If yes how Was it?


    • Yasmin Hilsky
      15. November 2019 / 11:20

      Dear Natalie, this sounds exciting!
      Finca Exotica was our favorite place we stayed at the whole trip in Costa Rica. It’s all in a natural estate and the stuff is really friendly. You felt like a small family. The Yoga class is really good. Some guests just go there to have this yoga experience. The group is very small and it’s on the self-made yoga deck on top of the lodge with the nicest view ever. It starts early in the morning at 6.30 am. We would highly recommend to stay there for a view days. As well you can make a daywalk through the nature reservat with some waterfalls. On the property itself you have any animal that Costa Rica is typical for aras, monkeys, coatis, etc. Every afternoon you’ll get served a freshly cooked dinner, eating with all other guests at one table. Max. there are 12-20 people at the same time. We loved this place!
      Kind regards,
      Yasmin and Bidjan

  2. 4. February 2020 / 2:42

    Wow Thank you so much!

    How come i jut found out your answer???

    I spent finally 4 days at finca exotica and you were totally right! it was incredible!! I did yoga. Your pictures are beautiful. Do you have pictures of the yoga course on the yoga desk? Would like to do a collaboration. Natalie

  3. Yasmin Hilsky
    9. February 2020 / 23:09

    Hi Natalie,
    happy you liked it as much as we did 🙂
    Please write an email to with your collaboration request.
    Best regards,
    Bidjan & Yasmin

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