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Welcome to our Vienna Blogpost.
You love city trips, have always wanted to visit Vienna and are still looking for tips on sights and food spots? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Vienna was not really on our agenda. This was more a result of necessity, because I was looking for a suitable birthday present for Bidjan and the idea of flying to Dubai didn’t work out so it had to be something affordable within Europe.

Via Secret Escapes I found a great offer: 3 nights at Ruby Sofie Hotel including flight for 300 Euro per Person. Clearly, this is NOT a bargain, but at this time a great offer. If you book early enough, you will certainly get it even cheaper.

Normally we do our own research before our trips via different portals (please write in the comments if you would like to see a separate blog post about our planning Routine). This time, however, we have largely relied on the recommendations of our friends and acquaintances. What we visited in two days in Vienna and where we had delicious meals, we’ll tell you now!


Right, everyone knows we’re good eaters. Bidjan is rather the one of us who always picks out the restaurants in advance, because he doesn’t want to be exposed to the danger of landing a mistake at dinner. Understandable!
We are inspired by Tripadvisor or other food blogs. But often it is also the locals who always have a good tip ready.


Budapest Bistro
The Budapest Bistro was our first breakfast spot in Vienna. The café is located in the 5th district of Vienna and is attractive both for early birds to the take-away, as well as for late risers who want to enjoy an adequate breakfast.



Figar 1040
By far the tastiest breakfast we have ever had. But watch out, there are several Figar in Vienna. We were in Figar 1040 in Schleifmühlgasse.
Avocado with ricotta and spinach leaves on Jakobsbrot and an omelette, delicious coffee and a freshly squeezed O-juice. It couldn’t be better! The lunch card also looked promising.


Naschmarkt l Neni Vienna

Our absolute food highlight for lunch was Neni Vienna.
Many of you surely know the Neni from Berlin. NENI are the first letters of the first names Muriel, Eliot, Nadia & Ilan Molche. The love for food in the large circle of family and friends reflects the concept. The Neni is known for good food and is inspired from all over the world. That’s what we love! 🙂
Neni Wien has opened its own shop in the middle of the Naschmarkt, is super appealing from the design and also the staff is super kindly. Beside the actual meal, we want to sit nicely and be entertained friendly. If the two components do not match, we do not recommend a restaurant.

The pastrami sandwich, the chicken with potatoes and the appetizer plate were absolutely great.



Demel Hofzuckerbäckerei Vienna

If you like the traditional, sweet cuisine, then you will find everything your heart desires in Demel. The bakery is known for its Sachertorte, apple strudel and the famous Annatorte. Take a look inside, too. Here you can catch a glimpse behind the scenes and watch how the delicacies are prepared in the kitchen.

Tasty, but way too expensive, too touristy and the service was very unfriendly. You can do it, but you don’t have to.

Original Wiener Schnitzel

While you are here you definitely have to try the original Wiener Schnitzel. In Vienna you will hardly find restaurants that do not master this art. Take a look at Tripadvisor or Yelp to see which restaurant is nearby or play it safe and visit the Figlmüller – the home of Schnitzel.



The Naschmarkt and the streets of Vienna

The Naschmarkt has existed since the 16th century and is a must see in Vienna! Besides the numerous, tasty restaurants (see above Foodspots in Vienna) there are also many fruit and vegetables, spices and sweets as well as other culinary stands. Take some time and feast through the stands. Furthermore you will also find some nice accessories for your wardrobe.


Insider tip: Tel-Aviv Beach Bar
One of our Favorite Spots in Vienna, recommended by my dear roommate and our waiter from the Neni who even reserved a table for us there. Chill out on the beach at sunset with good wine, snacks, relaxed music and a cool audience. Just a wonderful ending.


Schloss Schönbrunn

Those who have seen Sisi and dream of the perfect photos will not be able to avoid a visit to the castle. Schönbrunn is one of the main attractions in Vienna and is the largest castle in Austria. You better be here early, because it gets quite crowded at late hour. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful castle garden. The grounds also take you to the oldest zoo in the world, Schönbrunn Zoo. The entire area is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.
It is a little outside, so the best way to get here is by bus or taxi. Our personal tip: Uber. Yes, you wouldn’t believe it if you’re German. It is allowed here in Austria and makes life sooo much easier. Download the app, search for drivers and pay via Paypal. Super easy and often cheaper than a taxi.


Schloss Belvedere
A slimmed-down version of Schönbrunn Palace is Belvedere Palace, also beautifully decorated in Baroque style, with beautiful fountains and gardens. The castle is quite centrally located, so that it is easily accessible and can be made in combination with the next spot.


The Roman Catholic Karlskirche is one of the most important Baroque church buildings north of the Alps and one of Vienna’s landmarks. We have used the versatility of architecture to produce a wide variety of photos for you. Simply a dreamlike spot!



















The Spanish Riding School is a highlight for true horse lovers. You can buy tickets and watch a show here. Since we didn’t have too much time, we went through quickly and were already enthusiastic about the beautiful architecture.

Vienna city centre

We almost missed the way to the city centre via the Hofreitschule. Passing the National Library through the Riding School you discover the city centre of Vienna. Next to the cathedral there are numerous small cafés where you can enjoy traditional cakes. Next to the main shopping street, it is worth taking a look into the side streets. Here we discovered my straw hat in a cute boutique.


Museum Quarter

Vienna’s museum quarter is particularly popular. If you are a museum enthusiast, you should definitely plan one more day for Vienna, as there is a lot to see here. You can book tickets in advance online to avoid waiting times on site.

Well, that’s about it with our Vienna Tips. Write us in comments down below what your highlights were and what others in Vienna should not miss.


Y, bayandsands.

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