7 Dinner Locations in Porto

Dear Foodlover,

As surely some of you have noticed, we have gormandized in Porto like crazy. In this blog post we show you where are the best places to eat in Porto and which one of them was our absolute favourite restaurant. Enjoy your meal!

Bota & Bira

Bota & Bira was definitely our favorite place to go that we were there twice. The location, but especially the super tasty food and the service were first class. Definitely a restaurant for meat lovers, but also the side dishes are an absolute highlight. It is essential to reserve in advance. The restaurant offers only a few seats and is certainly often fully booked due to its popularity.

Gazela Cachorrinhos da Banalha

Tired of sightseeing? Than you have to go there for a snack! The Gazella Cachorrinhos de Banalha is a kind of small bistro with only a few dishes, but it’s super tasty! The baguette with chorizo, cheese and chili oil is simply legendary.

Casa Guedes

Also a local recommendation. Juicy pulled pork sandwich with cheese and a cold beer in addition. The most simple things taste best in the end, don’t they?


5th Grade

The restaurant is located on a small side street along the promenade. The mixture of the restaurant ambience with plastic chairs and colourful tablecloth and the good, simple seafood definitely convinced us! Afterwards you can take a little digestive walk along the promenade and catch a wonderful view of the Dom Ponte Luis!


Restaurante Rito Cozinha Regional

If you feel like eating really tasty fish in a local restaurant, this is the right place for you. The simple interior is super charming, the service great and the prices much cheaper than in the city centre.



A walk-by restaurant. Very tasty, nice ambience for a longer stay or just having a glass of vine.


Mercado Bom Successo

The best market hall in Porto is the Mercado Bom Successo. Much smaller than the Time Out Market in Lisbon, but also here you can find everything your heart desires about pasta, burgers, fries or seafood. The fish is particularly fresh here, so we decided on a delicious seafood platter.

So friends, we hope you take a few tips with you into your next Porto holiday and if this should already be around the corner, we have uploaded a blog post about The 10 best instagram spots in Porto incl. map and The 7 Best Café & Brunch Spots in Porto. Feel free to drop by here and you are well prepared for your next Porto trip!



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