14-Day Roadtrip South Italy – The Itinerary

Within two weeks we explored the most beautiful corners of southern Italy. Which stations you should keep in mind for your own trip you can find here. Romantic cities, boat-trips, turquoise water, the best Pizza & Pasta and of course lots of Dolce Vita.

Our route:

Rome – 2 nights
Naples – 4 nights
Capri – Daytrip
Pompei – Daytrip
Positano – Daytrip
Puglia – Leverano – 4 nights
Monopoli – 1 night
Florence – 2 nights



The capital of Italy. An absolute must, but also very exhausting. That’s why we have put this big boy at the beginning of our journey. This city has so much to offer, especially culturally, that you could plan a week for it alone. You feel like you are in an open-air museum. Most of the sightseeings are located in the city centre and can be explored very well on foot. If you want to go faster, we recommend to take a Car2go.



















We really need to get used to the pulsating harbor town, because of the dirty streets that are somehow lovable and authentic at the same time . Naplesl is not far away from the Amalfi coast, that you can visit the island Capri and even visit Pompeji for day trips. Those who like fish and pizza will love Naples. At every corner there are first class restaurants. The narrow streets of the city are full of small stalls and sweet boutiques, where you can go shopping.



From Naples, various boat tours are offered as a day trip to the island of Capri. An absolute highlight of our trip. Price: approx. 100€ per person.

You stop at different swim and snorkel spots and have the opportunity to explore the island for a few hours around lunchtime. We have rented a scooter to explore the island. Price: 35 € for 3 hours.



Less than half an hour from Naples, you will find one of the most impressive cultural assets of Italy – Pompeji, which was buried by an eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and later rediscovered. Very recommendable for those that are interested in history.



Around 1 1/2 hours from Naples away you will find the most beautiful part of the Italian coast, the Amalfi Coast. Restaurants as well as hotels are very expensive here. No wonder with this incredible view. In the evening, you should look for a restaurant on the east side of the city to experience an unforgettable sunset. Make sure to book in advance!



Puglia – Leverano – Monopoli – Polignano A Mare

After a lot of sightseeing you can relax on the east coast of Italy: Puglia. The region is known for its fantastic sandy beaches with turquoise water and an absolutely authentic Italian cuisine. In the small town of Leverano we booked the sweetest accommodation for ourselves and planned our activities from there.

A boat trip on the coast is definitely a must-do! We had the fun of our life and you can rent a motorboat for small money and without having a boat driving licence.

Also take a look at the cities of Monopoli and Polignano A Mare. Perfect for strolling around, eating ice cream and shopping. We were especially enthusiastic about Polignano A Mare. From the house style it reminds very much of Mykonos. Just have a look at these sweet alleys.








The last stop of our journey. What we remember next to the 1000 mosquitos, one-way streets and lots of tourists? Very tasty food, the beautiful sunset on Michelangelo Square and our romantic Fiat500 tour through the dreamy hills of Florence.


Will two weeks be enough to see all that southern Italy has to offer? No, certainly not. But you get a really good impression of the country. We will definitely come back. Not least to explore the north of the country with Milan and Venice.

What sightseeing and food spots you have to see in Rome and what you have to pay attention to, if you are travelling in Italy by car, we’ll tell you in the next posts.

Much love,

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